File Name Description Downloads 2D sample code for my Tutorial 1 (for XNA GSE Beta 1) 1656 Textured cube rendered with BasicEffect and Effect shader (for XNA GSE Beta 1) 1368 Rendering to Form's PictureBox (for XNA GSE Beta 1) 1610 Game Scripting and Effect Editors rendering to PictureBox (for XNA GSE Beta 1) 2857
UfoShip01.wmv Movie about flying battle from my school tutorial (C++, DirectX) 2320
dwarf-ninja.wmv Movie about figthing game from my school tutorial (C#, DirectX) 2802 2D sample code for my Tutorial 1 (XNA GSE Beta 2) 1900 Interactive 3D graphic application (XNA GSE Beta 2) 5930 Rendering to Form's PictureBox (for XNA GSE Beta 2) 1818
Anim0.avi Simple animation 2649
Bones.avi Cylinders animated with bones 2424
ManWalk.avi A man walking in the street 2553
Particicles.avi Particicles animation 2163
ReactorWater.avi Physics simulation 2181
VisibilityAnimation.avi Visibility animation 2145
WalkingInStreetSlow.avi Walking in city street (slow version) 2219
ArchitecturalAnimation.avi Mphinite 3D movie example: Architectural Animation 2187
FlowAnimation.m1v Mphinite 3D movie example: Flow Animation 2725
MachineAnimation.mpg Mphinite 3D movie example: Machine Animation 2192
PneumaticsAnimation.mpg Mphinite 3D movie example: Pneumatic Animation 2222
TinyLookAtKatana.avi Movie about XNA Skinning Sample (from Creators Club Online) modified by me 2456
Shadow1.avi Shadow map sample: PCF 3x3 2347 Java class for Lego Mindstorm RCX robot 2827 A movie about path finding RCX robot 1306 Setup to install an application that shows double buffering in PictureBox (.NET 2.0), it need C:\WINDOWS\Caffè.bmp file 1042
FindHitRedBall.avi A movie that shows NXT Lego robot that looking for a red ball and hit it… 2454
FindHitRedBall.jpg … and its program! 3663
ShowLight.rbt MINDSTORMS Projects: show light value on display. 2669
HitRedBall4.rbt MINDSTORMS Projects: find and hit a red ball. 2949
PathFinder3.rbt MINDSTORMS Projects: robot following a path. 3074
NXTPathFinder.jpg Immage program about NXT robot following a path. 3071
NXTPathFinder.avi Movie about NXT robot following a path. 2328
CONCHIGLIA2007.pdf Esame di stato scuole superiori (IT), utilizzo di Conchiglia. 5209 An AJAX/JSON/ASP.NET(C#)/SQL-Server simple example. 1504 A simple blog editor built with Flex. 1880 Console Game Application that use ASCII art. 1663 Sample to test NXT motors, sensors, buttons, display, bluetooth features. Remote bluetooth commander is wrote in C#. 1813
AlphaRexWalking.avi Movie about Alpha Rex walking and avoiding obstacles. 2582
BottoniStiliTemplateAnimazioni.pdf Breve tutorial Silverlight 4 sulla realizzazione di stili, template, animazioni per pulsanti. 1621 Mini corso sulla programmazione dei videogame 2D in WPF 1115
Laboratorio4° Laboratorio – classe 4°F – a.s. 2015-16, avventura testuale e grafica - PDF aggiornato mano a mano. 161